every time i see that post of mrs. weasley trying to fight the boggart in 12 grimmauld place and everyone being like “even in death she couldnt imagine the twins separated bluh bluh bluh” and i jsut it makes me angry it makes me so angry???? like no no no its just yet another product of treating the twins as a unit instead of individual people

and i realize that its probably just an effort to control the fucking crazy ass word count in that book (half that shit coulda been summed up with the disclaimer: harry is pissy and puberty and shit) and yeah molly has a shit ton of kids but like fuck no fuck me do you know how little fred and george are treated as individuals?? like no you dont get to do that

i mean i get it twins have a different relationship twins are like a partnership in a world that tends to treat them like this weird ass anomaly for having shared a womb but that doesnt give you any right to treat them like one person instead of two individuals who are close out of necessity and shared experience and family and people like you who refuse to realize that they’re more than just the twins theyre not always fred-and-george they are fred and george or george and fred or maybe just fred, just george, brothers yeah but sharing a womb doesnt mean they share a mind and a soul theyre not fucking pod people

and i realize that maybe i just take this really personally but still fuck that post they dont share the same god damn heart and lungs and skin and like what the fuck did you think they would just keel over simultaneously one day because their shared kidney failed fuck you

i am irritated with my mom so now im gonna vent about it because thats what i do here okay i cannot believe she took my comment that way i did not do anyhting whatsoever and SUDDENLY its all OH I SEE HOW IT IS YOU DONT WANT TO TALK TO ME and NO ITS FINE I WAS JUST TRYING TO HAVE A CONVERSATION and giving me the silent treatment all the way home and still now more like fuck you i do not need to deal with whatever stick is up your ass i was very much willing to talk to you and i was in a pleasant mood but now im just pissed off because my mother is a child sometimes

i still have sherlock and sherock spoilers blacklisted

not because i havent seen it just because i dont want to see it on my dash whoops

aw man i just realized if taylor has to go to the dol we probably wont get to go to a matinee of the lego movie on friday and i mean its the fucking lego movie what is even the point of seeing it the day AFTER it comes out 

i dont get a say in anything whoop dee frickin doo what else is new

i would tag this “birthday complaining under the cut” but i dont tag things on this blog and to my knowledge i also dont use read mores but oh well

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i cant deal with my moms way of handling conflict being telling me to just stop and let my brother use the tv like

shit son if you werent a condescending asshole about everything you say i would probably be cool with you using the tv? like god wow respect isnt that hard of a concept at all???? also you can fuck right off for assuming ive been doing nothing and using the tv all day because GUESS WHAT maybe i didnt do anything all day wow whoop de doo there are days you dont do anything and i dont give you shit about it actually what really grinds me about this is i bought this tv and i hardly ever get to use it everyone uses it more than me and no other dvd player works  and how dare you say “just watch it on your computer” how about YOU just play your fucking game on the tv IN YOUR GOD DAMN ROOM but oh wait you want to use the bigger tv wow what a shock mAYBE i do too????? wow hold on im?? a human person??? with feELINGS????? NO WAY

back to my mom its not just this conflict its every conflict her advice to me is always to be quiet or suck it up or be the bigger person and like HOW ABOUT FUCK THAT because i am SICK of being the only one who actually respects what she says and does what im told how about SOME OTHER ASSHOLE can be the bigger person for a change just

fuck this

if you’re on the fucking curtain stop standing in for people i s2g it wasn’t helpful in the past and it sure as shit isn’t helpful now

i made this post because i was pissed off about the sherlock fandom and all it has done is bite me in the ass

i made this post because i was pissed off about the sherlock fandom and all it has done is bite me in the ass

okay but seriously how could “feeling like a stage show” ever be a but or a well or anything negatively construed like shit i dont get it why WOULDNT you want something to feel like a fucking “stage show” thats the dream

i should literally just never be in music rehearsals for this show all i can think is how i would sing it instead and like no stop