dont mind me ill just sit over here being super uncomfortable because if i tell her i cant take the letter or if i dont respond she will probably seek me out or keep asking me even if i do (truthfully) say “sorry i really havent talked with her in a while idk if ill even see her while im there” and i Do Not like being in that position but if i say i will take the letter then a) i have to take it and b) look its not gonna get read its gonna go in the trash and i dont want to go out of my way for that and meanwhile im all super concious of “look bro this is probably uncomfortable for you” but like. can i get any recognition at all of how super uncomfortable this is for me? no apparently i cant

all the props are fine until actors touch them why is that I try to simulate actor use and everything is fine and then actors happen

why the fuck am i responsible for fixing everyone elses shit god damn

really wish u woulda told me u wanted the tablecloth a different color before id, y’know, made it

look the love story in 42nd street is broadway gets girl, broadway loses girl, broadway gets girl back

trying to not argue about text interpretation also im tired of seeing kaylins stomach like buy longer shirts or something

my boobs keep almost slipping out of my bras and like. is it sweat? did my boobs change size? do my bras just suck now? all of the above?

she deleted me on facebook apparently and like im not surprised if shes really worried it makes sense bc im still friends with her brother and his girlfriend but i didnt know about it until i went to go message her so like that still kinda hurts i mean at least warn me

tori and moshe continue to be flustered by how attractive tyler is and i continue to be reminded just how ace i am

i want 2 sleep because i have things 2 do tomorrow but hahaha whenever i want to go to bed before 11pm time to ask tatum 2 stay up waiting 2 hear from trent l o l shes always up anyways it doesnt matter itS ALMOST 1AM MY ALARM ISNT GONNA BE GETTING ANY LATER WHILE I WAIT FOR A PHONE CALL god damn